Optimal Industrial Maintenance Management: Features

For the Planner

Functionality Description
📅 Advanced planning of interventions Simplification of planning and data entry of notices declared by the manufacturer, thanks to a specific framework designed to facilitate these processes.
🔄 Optimization of Resource Utilization Efficient allocation of resources by profession, allowing optimal management of teams and equipment.
🌐 Centralization via an Intuitive Interface Creation of a SharePoint collaboration site connected to planning for an overview and centralized management of maintenance operations.
🔗 Integration with ERP and External Systems Seamlessly connect with ERP, SAP, and other systems for real-time data synchronization and sharing.
📊 Advanced Reporting and Analytics Powerful reporting tools to analyze performance, job efficiency and trends for data-driven decisions.

For Maintenance Operators

Functionality Description
🤝 Collaboration via SharePoint Facilitation of communication between teams for monitoring and updating the evolution of OT, thanks to integration with SharePoint.
🔧 Simplified management of OT User-friendly user interface for efficient work order management.
📊 Customizing SharePoint A dedicated space by sector, with advanced visualization and reporting tools for precise monitoring of interventions.
🚀 Real-Time Notification and Workflow Automation Instant alerts for new OTs or important updates, and workflow automation.
🔗 Integration with ERP software Connection with ERP systems like SAP for simplified data entry and updating, increasing consistency and efficiency of operations.

For Maintenance Managers

Functionality Description
📈 Advanced Reporting and Analytics Advanced reporting for in-depth analysis of performance and effectiveness of interventions, and for tracking work orders from planning to closeout, enabling informed decision-making.
🔔 Incident Notification Alert system to immediately inform of anomalies or emergencies, ensuring rapid reaction and effective resolution in the event of a deviation.
🔄 Optimization of Maintenance Processes Identification of improvement opportunities to optimize workflows and increase the overall efficiency of maintenance operations.
🤖 Automation of Repetitive Tasks Automation for repetitive tasks, increasing operational efficiency and allowing teams to focus on preventive activities.

Key Features for Production Managers

Functionality Description
🌐 Real-Time Access to Sector Planning Instant visualization of maintenance schedules by sector, allowing precise and real-time monitoring of activities and allocated resources.
🤝 Collaboration via SharePoint Use of SharePoint to facilitate communication and collaboration between teams, ensuring smooth updating and coordination of maintenance tasks.
📈 Reporting and Workflow Automation Advanced reporting and workflow automation to generate performance analyses, with the creation of notifications to alert on critical points.