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T2/ MS Project: Creating Task Links - Tutorial

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In this MS Project tutorial, you will learn how to create links between tasks following 5 methods:

  • Method 1: Link and unlink multiple tasks at the same time
  • Method 2: Using the Gantt chart
  • Method 3: Adding predecessors to the task board
  • Method 4: Display task information
  • Method 5: Displaying the task details pane

The first method is simple. Select all the tasks you want to link, then click the Link Tasks button in the Task Ribbon. Each task start will be linked to the end of the previous task, which is called a Finish-to-Start link. To unlink tasks, select the linked tasks and click Unlink Tasks .

The second method is via the Gantt chart . Click on the first task, hold down the mouse button and drag the cursor to the next task. A link will be created. To unlink, right-click the link line and select Unlink .

There are four types of task links in Microsoft Project.

1. Finish to Start (FD) , this is the most common type of link. Task B can only start after task A has finished.

2. Start to Start (DD) , here both tasks start at the same time. Task B cannot start before task A begins.

3. Finish to Finish (FF) , both tasks finish at the same time. Task B cannot complete before Task A completes.

4. Start-to-Finish (DF) , Task B cannot complete before Task A begins. This is the least commonly used type of link.

In the Task Binding window, enter the number of days of offset you want between the two tasks. For example, if you want the second task to start two days after the first task completes, type two. Then click Ok. Note that you can also enter a negative offset if you want the next job to start before the previous job finishes.

The third method is to use the task board . In the Predecessor column, enter the previous task number for each task you want to link. To unlink, simply remove the number from the predecessor task.

The fourth method is to double click on a task or click on Information in the task ribbon. A window will open with several tabs. Go to Predecessor tab, add or remove predecessor tasks as needed.

Finally, the fifth method is done by viewing the task details . Go to View tab, click Detail . In the pane that opens, you can add or remove predecessors, change the link type and offset.

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