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C2/ Model — Manufacturing OEE Dashboard - Production Tracking - Excel Template

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Boost your production line's performance swiftly and conveniently with our comprehensive Excel document template, designed specifically for effective OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) calculation. This template empowers you to swiftly analyze and elevate the performance of your production line and machinery parks.

For a deeper understanding of TRS and its significance, feel free to check out our article: [All About TRS]

📊Explore the template's key features:

  1. Real-Time Dashboards:
    • Manufacturing OEE Dashboard: Enables real-time tracking of your Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE calculation)
    • Quality Dashboard: Facilitates immediate tracking of production quality
  2. Data Input Worksheets:
    • Category: Register your teams, stations, and causes
    • Batch: Document daily production campaigns
    • Cards: Record the quantities of acceptable, retouched, and rejected parts
    • Stops: Keep track of production interruptions
  3. Performance Graphs:
    • Production Performance: Provides visual representation of your production performance trend
    • Monthly Overview: Analyzes longer-term production trends via monthly run tracking
  4. Pareto Charts:
    • Stoppage Chart: Showcases a Pareto analysis of production interruptions
    • Detailed Stoppage Chart: Provides a temporal perspective on major stoppages
    • Cards Analysis: Displays a Pareto chart of significant scraps and retouches
    • Scrap Chart: Offers temporal tracking of major scraps
  5. Additional Tools:
    • Custom Analyses: Dynamic pivot tables for tailored data examination

Step-by-step Guide:

  1. Input categories (teams, stations, causes) in the 'Category' tab
  2. Document daily production campaigns per team in the 'Lot' tab
  3. Register quantities of acceptable, retouched, and rejected parts in the 'Cards' tab
  4. Note production stoppages and their causes in the 'Stops' tab
  5. Utilize the graphical insights to evaluate and bolster your production performance

🎯 Use this tool to deploy TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) in a simple, fast, and efficient manner. It's a resource used by leaders in the automotive industry, indispensable in today's competitive industrial context. Save time and resources and focus on improving your performance.

The document is compatible with Excel and will be promptly delivered to you post-purchase for immediate implementation.


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Fonctionnalités clés :

  • Production follow-up
  • Quality report
  • OEE tracking
  • TPM deployment
  • Pareto
  • Real-time tracking

Délai d'intégration :

  • Immediate

Compatibilité :

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très utile pour analyser la performance de production et implémenter des améliorations.
le mode opératoire est bien détaillé dans le premier onglet

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