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T11/ MS Project - Tutorial: Synchronization of MS project with SharePoint

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In this MS Project tutorial, you will learn how to synchronize your project schedule with a SharePoint List and find out how synchronization works.

To get started, go to the File menu, click Save As, then click Sync with SharePoint .

You have two options: sync with a new SharePoint site or with an already existing SharePoint site . In this tutorial, we will opt for an existing site.

Copy and paste your SharePoint site URL into the space provided, and click Verify Site .

After verification, set the name of the list that will be synchronized and start the synchronization by pressing Save .

Refresh the SharePoint site page and verify that the new synced list has been created.

All changes made in Project will now be synchronized with SharePoint and vice versa. However, only basic information such as task name, start and end dates, and resources are synced by default. So if you added specific columns, they will not be synced.

To sync these columns, go back to Project , select File , then Info , and click Map Fields .

Here, add a field and choose the fields: Category and Project name that we added especially for this project.

Confirm by clicking on OK , then launch a new synchronization .

Return to SharePoint to verify synchronization. To display these columns, click on the three dots , then choose Modify display , then check the desired columns .

Press OK to confirm. You will then find that your specific columns are now synchronized and visible in the view.

Changes made in MS Project will automatically sync to SharePoint and vice versa. As an illustration, we will modify the description of a task in SharePoint .

Return to Project and press Ctrl + S to sync .

Lo and behold, the task has been updated in Project.

From now on, to open your project, you must do it from SharePoint . To do this, navigate to List and click Open in Project .

This will open your project in MS Project with all recent changes synced.

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