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J8/ Model — OEE Software - Excel - Overall Equipment Effectiveness - 2024

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The OEE Calculation Software changes how industries monitor and enhance their performance. It tracks and analyzes vital data like downtime, production rates, and scrap rates. This gives real-time insight into production performance and enables quick decision-making to fix issues and boost productivity. OEE is a crucial tool for Industry 4.0.

To know more about OEE, check out All you need to know about OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) ”

Structure and Key Components

1. A OEE monitoring table

2. A Pareto Availability loss analysis dashboard

  • Analysis of the main causes of availability loss using dynamic filtering by team, machine, and timeline
OEE Software

3. A Pareto dashboard for analyzing scrap rates

  • Analysis of the main causes of scrap using dynamic filtering by team, machine, and timeline
OEE Software :  Downtime analysis

4. Availability Rate Monitoring by Machine

  • Tracking of the Top 8 Machines with the Most Downtime in a Recent Period

Performance monitoring for 8 machines - Peformance Curve per machine Last 15 days

5. Quality Rate Monitoring by Machine

  • Tracking of the 8 critical Machines Generating scraps in a Recent Period
Quality monitoring for 8 machines - Quality Curve per machine Last 15 days

6. Data Entry Sheets

  • Category: Category entry sheet (teams, stations, causes)
  • Batch: Batch entry sheet to record daily production campaigns: Date, team, required production time, good parts to produce objectives, good parts produced
  • Scraps: Entry sheet per team and per day of the quantities of good, reworked and rejected parts with the causes
  • Stoppages: Team entry sheet for production stoppages and the causes and types of stoppage (scheduled stoppage, breakdown, organized malfunction, series change, non-quality)

7. Tracking the main causes of rejects and stoppages

  • Summary: OEE and quality monitoring graph by daily batch and team
  • Monthly review: OEE monitoring graph and cumulative batch quality per month to analyze trends over a longer period

8. Pareto tracking of main causes of scraps and stoppages

  • Shutdowns Graph: Pareto graph of major shutdowns over the last 4 weeks
  • Stops Graph 2: Time tracking graph of main stops
  • Cartons Chart: Pareto chart of major scraps and reworks over the last 4 weeks
  • Scraps graph: Time tracking graph of main scraps

9. Others

  • Pivot tables for personalized analyses,

OEE monitoring: Methodology and Applications

To guarantee optimized monitoring, you will need to check these few steps:

  1. Enter the stations of the line, the causes of rejects and the causes of stops
  2. Fill the databases: production campaign, stoppages and scraps
  3. View and analyze the performance indicators of your production line
  4. Implement actions to improve the performance of your equipment

Use this tool to deploy TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) simply, quickly and efficiently. It is a resource used by leaders in the automotive industry, essential in today's competitive industrial context. Save time and resources and focus on improving your performance.

Simplified tracking software

This Excel model for OEE calculation is easily deployed within your organization and does not require any particular technical skills for its use. However, it is strongly recommended to provide a demonstration for managers and operators, in order to facilitate your first steps in monitoring the OEE and understanding this indicator.

Optimization and Advanced Management of Production

For optimal monitoring, we support you step by step in setting up a complete solution to integrate data from your existing ERP, MES , SCADA, etc. systems. This approach streamlines data entry for operators and enriches KPI analysis for managers, making it easier to evaluate improvement measures . To find out more about our support offers, do not hesitate to consult our support offers page and the functionalities of our OEE software .

This document is available on the Excel editor: a direct access link will be sent to you after purchase.

Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2016 and later.

Does not contain macros, works on several simultaneous workstations via Excel Online, it is easily adaptable and modifiable according to your specific needs.


Easy to use

Immediate deployment


Instant delivery

After order



Assistance when needed

Key Features

  • TPM deployment
  • OEE tracking
  • Quality report
  • Availability tracking
  • Pareto of causes
  • Analysis and reporting


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Agri-food
  • Pharmaceutical industry and medical devices
  • Metallurgy and steel industry
  • Paper and packaging
  • Electronics and semiconductors
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Manufacturer

Integration Time

  • Immediate


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I highly recommend for any manufacturing setup looking to boost operational performance.

Suivi complet de la production

Je recommande cet outil pour tout responsable de production qui vise à améliorer le rendement de productivité de son atelier.

Chef d'atelier

Nous avons découvert cet outil de suivi de TRS via une vidéo sur YouTube. Au début, j'ai hésité à faire évoluer nos processus de suivi de production en raison de l'effort lié à l'investissement dans un nouvel outil, mais cet outil ludique et facile à utiliser a été une vraie réussite et a apporté satisfaction pour les opérationnels et les gestionnaires.

Atelier d'usinage

Nous utilisons cet outil pour suivre le TRS de nos centres d'usinage et cela nous donne satisfaction. Je recommande.


I previously used A2 model, and this one is even better for analysis and includes more indicators.

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