Digital Factory: The concept

We support you at every stage of your digital transition .

The origins of the Digital Factory

The Digital Factory was imagined in 2022 by Adam Bagdadi , project management consultant, for players in the industrial sector.

The industry today embodies a chain of creation and production in perpetual revolution. New uses are flourishing there every day, at a time when we are increasingly talking about the concepts of industry 4.0 and digital business.

However, it must be noted that the approach has not been generalized: entire sections of the sector are still struggling to chart their path in the digital world, or to find solutions that correspond to their needs.

Specially created to respond to these difficulties, the Digital Factory presents a highly qualified team in the field. It is therefore made up of a large community of engineers, developers, consultants and various tech profiles, with varied skills, in order to be able to best adapt to each situation and strategy.

Our main objective? Offer you quality support, guide you and help you in the digitalization process of your industry.

The Digital Factory project

Designed as a virtual library of digital resources, the Digital Factory brings together the best tools to help you succeed in your digital transition.

Mostly developed using the TRIZ method, which offers inventive problem solving while posing as an approach to innovation, the tools are directly accessible from our catalog. You can therefore obtain them at any time.

Applications, software , ebooks , ready-to-use tools, technical documentation ... The Digital Factory presents a wide range of items, specially chosen from the most recent that exist on the market. Furthermore, if you cannot find the tool that suits you in the list, you can contact one of our experts for further advice.

These solutions all have numerous advantages: better control of production costs, increased autonomy, real-time production monitoring or even the possibility of remote maintenance .

They make it possible to simplify processes and enrich daily work. They also promise considerable time savings for your teams, hours which can then be allocated to the development and growth of other sectors of your business.

Finally, each tool is based on a technical base of four characteristic points: flexibility, adaptability, quality and security.

The Digital Factory therefore offers a combination of innovation and performance, to maximize your potential and your results.

The three commitments of the Digital Factory

Share know-how and expertise

The different tools were selected by a community of passionate engineers, taking into account the needs and issues specific to the industrial environment. They are recommended by experts who have worked with large groups to study their best practices, but also the codes, methods, use cases and all the tips that could be useful.

You can benefit from the best resources currently available, which will allow you to both improve your competitiveness in the market and broaden your horizons.

Providing solid foundations for the digital transition

Industry 4.0 is based on a strong alliance between man and technology. This involves integrating digital innovations into production and manufacturing processes, while respecting fundamental ethical values. The notions of creativity and agility also embody valuable assets to take into account in each digitalization strategy.

The richness and variety of our bank of tools allows you to select those that fully correspond to the identity and vision of your company.

Support the client in achieving their objectives

The digitalization of a company and its mode of operation represents a real challenge, which can sometimes be frightening. Our teams are at your disposal to support and guide you at each stage, to answer your doubts or questions, and to help you propel your business towards industry 4.0.

The digital transition actually contributes to transforming your existing activities, and not to erasing or replacing them: we thus guarantee 100% personalized support, in strict compliance with the values ​​of your industry.

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