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J7/ Model — Example FMEA Excel Process - Dashboard - RPN Monitoring

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Discover our Excel Process FMEA Example, a key solution for effective risk management and improving process reliability. Our model provides a thorough and adaptable approach for risk identification, analysis, and monitoring, designed to bolster consistency and process management across your industrial operations.

Example FMEA Excel Process

This FMEA Process Excel Example, is perfectly crafted for a clear and intuitive risk assessment, allowing you to effectively gauge impact and severity while facilitating meticulous action tracking with your team via integrated progress reports and dashboards.

Learn more about the FMEA Method

To better understand this method, read our detailed article: Understanding the FMEA Method .

Using the Excel Process FMEA Example

Follow these essential steps to maximize the effectiveness of our model:

  1. Form your team of experts.
  2. Establish regular meetings and use this support to track participation.
  3. Detail the key stages of the process, specify each operation.
  4. Identify potential failures in each operation.
  5. Evaluate the detection , occurrence and severity of these failures.
  6. Classify failures by severity and organize corrective actions.
  7. Propose and prioritize corrective or preventive actions based on their importance.
  8. Implement these actions, monitor their effectiveness, and adjust as needed.
  9. Document the analysis in the model to simplify future improvements.
  10. Monitor the progress of actions and the evolution of RPN (Risk Priority Number) by manager and by operation

File Content Preview

  • Dashboard: Monitoring of IPR risk evolution by operation and product before and after action implementation.

IPR Risk Evolution Dashboard

  • Action Tracking Dashboard using dynamic filters by status, person responsible for execution and follow-up, and IPR category.

Action Tracking Dashboard

  • Category: Entry of different categories.
  • Schedule: Organization of meetings and attendance tracking.
  • Scoring: Reference sheets for risk assessment.
  • FMEA: Detailed Risk Analysis and Action Tracking Table.

The Benefits of Using this Model

Standardization of Process Risks

The model helps standardize the risk assessment of processes across different sites, ensuring consistent consistency and quality. This facilitates communication between sites and simplifies the deployment of effective and aligned risk management strategies.

Monitoring the Evolution of RPN

Thanks to the model, it is possible to follow the evolution of the Risk Priority Index (RPI) for each operation and raw material. This detailed monitoring ensures clear visibility on potential risks and the effectiveness of the measures taken to reduce them.

Management of Actions by Manager

The model clearly assigns responsibilities for each action to be carried out, guaranteeing effective monitoring and optimal responsiveness. This promotes a culture of responsibility and proactive risk management within teams.


The document is accessible via Excel: you will receive a direct link after purchase.


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Key Features

  • Process identification
  • Analysis of process steps
  • Identification of failure modes
  • Evaluation of the effects of each failure
  • Estimation of the criticality of failures
  • Evaluation of the causes of failures
  • Calculation of criticality indices (CI)
  • Prioritization of corrective actions
  • Planning and follow-up of corrective actions
  • FMECA reassessment and update
  • Analysis and reporting

Integration Time

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How can I customize this document template to meet the specific needs of my business?

Our document templates are designed to be easily customizable to meet the specific needs of each business. You can adjust the fields, formats, and calculations according to your requirements. If you need advanced customization, our support team is available to assist you in modifying and optimizing the template to perfectly fit your work environment.

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Good for Action Tracking

It's effective but has a limitation : it only handles 4 projects. For those needing more, like us, modifications would be needed. Still, it's user-friendly

Je recommande

Les analyses de tendances et les tableaux de bord, ont significativement amélioré notre capacité à communiquer les résultats et à prendre des décisions basées sur les données.

Excel FMEA

FMEA covering all necessary aspects of process analysis, easily adopted by the team !

offer complete overview on fmea

Dashboard provides an overview of risk evolution, facilitating immediate understanding of the situation and what should be done urgently.

Ich empfehle es

Genau was wir brauchten.

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