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T12/ MS Project - Tutorial: Connecting the MS project with Power BI

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Pack 2 - "Mastering Collaborative Project Management" offers unlimited access to a series of detailed tutorials on the integrated use of MS Project, SharePoint, Power BI and Power Automate for effective and collaborative project management. These tutorials will provide you with the skills to manage and coordinate complex projects collaboratively, regardless of your starting level and role on the project team.

Here is how these elements fit together in the training program:

MS Project Fundamentals

This chapter begins by exploring the basics of MS Project, guiding users through initializing, configuring, and planning projects. It then advances to more advanced skills, such as interface customization and task management, teaching how to create links between tasks and apply formatting for increased clarity. The chapter concludes with progress monitoring and optimization strategies, providing you with the tools to track progress, adjust the schedule, and effectively communicate project status.

Collaboration and Synchronization with SharePoint

The second chapter explores the use of SharePoint in tandem with MS Project Desktop for improved collaboration and communication within project teams. You learn how to synchronize project schedules with SharePoint, allowing easy access and updating of project information in real time by all team members.

Project Insights with Power BI

In this chapter, the focus is on integrating Power BI to transform project data into actionable insights. You learn how to connect MS Project to Power BI, create dynamic Gantt reports and resource reports, providing real-time visibility into project progress and performance.

Task Automation with Power Automate

The fourth chapter covers using Power Automate to automate workflows and repetitive tasks in project management. It details the creation of automated flows based on specific triggers, such as status updates or deadline notifications, thereby simplifying project management and increasing operational efficiency.

These tutorials are complementary to our Pack 1, “Mastering MS Project”, which lays the foundations for using MS Project for effective project management. These packs provide comprehensive training, from MS Project fundamentals to integration with other Microsoft tools for collaborative, data-driven project management.

By choosing this bundle, you will have access to a playlist containing the following tutorials:

Pack 1: MS Project Training - Advanced Mastery of Planning and Monitoring


    Each tutorial is accompanied by practical examples to make your learning easier. A direct access link to the full playlist will be sent to you immediately after purchase, allowing you to begin your training at your own pace.

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    Our short, concise training courses focus on the most useful features, allowing you to quickly master the essential tools for project management. They are generated by Industry 4.0 experts, offering a rich and current perspective based on their practical experience. By following our tutorials, you will benefit from in-depth knowledge, directly applicable to your professional challenges,

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    As soon as you purchase, access our tutorials directly and start developing your project management skills. These training courses will help you increase your efficiency and promote collaboration in your team

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    gestion de projet

    J'ai découvert dans ce tutoriel qu'il est possible de connecter MS Project Desktop et power BI pour créer des rapports avancé en quelques clics. Fini les heures infini passées à créer des fichiers Excel et à envoyer des emails. Merci l'équipe !

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