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T1/ MS Project: Creation and Basic Configuration of a Project - Free Tutorial

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In this free MS Project tutorial , you will learn how to:

  • Create a basic project and configure it.
  • Customize the project theme.
  • Switch tasks to automatic mode.
  • Add and hide columns in the Gantt chart.
  • Hide the project timeline.
  • Add tasks with specific deadlines.
  • Assign resources to tasks.
  • Duplicate tasks using the copy and paste function.
  • Add a summary task.

To get started, we will open a new project. To do this, click on 'File' , then select 'New' . This will give you a blank project to work on.

If you want to hide the 'TIMELINE', simply go to the 'View' tab and uncheck 'Timeline' .

Next, let's add or hide a column. To do this, right-click on the header of an existing column . If you want to add a column, select 'Insert Column' . To hide a column, select 'Hide column' .

Another useful feature is assigning resources and adding the duration of a task, which you can do directly in the Gantt chart.

To add a milestone, create a task and assign it a duration of '0 days'. This will automatically turn your task into a milestone.

Adding a summary task is also simple. Right-click on the row where you want to add this task, then click 'Add Task' .

Finally, to link subordinate tasks to the summary task, start by selecting the relevant tasks . Then, in the 'Task' tab, click on 'Lower Tasks' . They will then be grouped under the summary task, which makes it much easier to manage and organize your project."

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