Excel Dashboard Templates


Dashboards have become essential tools for any business looking to effectively monitor its performance. In this article, we will present several major Excel dashboard templates for download, which you can easily deploy in your business. These tools will help you improve your processes and achieve your goals more efficiently.

Project Management Dashboard

This Excel dashboard template provides a comprehensive view of project management , including resource management, financial management, and the use of a Gantt chart to visualize key project milestones. It allows you to effectively monitor the progress of tasks, allocate resources optimally and control project costs.

[Download the template here]

Excel project monitoring dashboard

Budget Monitoring Dashboard

This Excel dashboard is specially designed for budget tracking , providing a detailed view of allocated budgets, actual spending and forecasts. It helps closely monitor project finances, detect budget variances, and take timely corrective action to ensure budget constraints are met.

[Download the template here]

Project budget monitoring Excel template

FMEA Dashboard (Analysis of Failure Modes, Their Effects and their Criticality)

This Excel dashboard template incorporates FMEA risk analysis, providing a structured methodology for identifying, assessing and prioritizing potential project risks. It makes it possible to improve the monitoring of actions in order to ensure effective integration of corrective and preventive measures and minimize IPRs.

Amdec Excel dashboard

[Download the template here]

Dashboard Monitoring TRS (Synthetic Rate of Return) and Production

This production dashboard provides a holistic view of synthetic rate of return (OEE) and production, allowing operational performance to be monitored effectively. It provides key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the efficiency of production processes and identify areas for improvement.

Excel production monitoring dashboard

[Download the template here]

Project Risk Analysis Dashboard

This Excel dashboard template is dedicated to project risk analysis, providing a detailed view of potential risks, their likelihood and impact. It makes it possible to implement risk mitigation strategies and monitor their evolution throughout the project.

Excel project risk analysis model - Google Sheet - Digital factory

[Download the template here]

Project Monitoring Dashboard

This Excel dashboard provides an overview of the project, bringing together key data relating to progress, costs, resources and risks. It allows you to monitor the overall performance of the project and make informed decisions to ensure its success.

Excel project monitoring dashboard

[Download the template here]