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A9/ Model - Project Risk Analysis - Google Sheet/Excel

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This document proposes to proceed with the risk analysis for your project. This study is essential in that it allows you to put in place measures to limit the most important risks, either by reducing their occurrence or by avoiding them completely in certain cases.

It is based on the following points: Product, Budget, Quality, Deadlines, Health/Safety/Environment, Procurement, Legal, Organization, Management, Communication, Strategy, Resources, Performance.

This document is available on the Google Sheet editor: a direct access link will be sent to you after the purchase. It is also available in Excel version, through a document to download.

Key Features

  • Identifying risks
  • Categorization
  • Estimation of the probability of occurrence
  • Impact assessment
  • Calculation of criticality
  • Prioritization of risks
  • Development of response plans
  • Allocation of resources
  • Risk monitoring and control


• Google Sheets

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