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A7/ Specification model – Industrial Machine - Doc

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In the context of industrial project management, the creation of specifications is a fundamental step. It is a document that formalizes the expectations, requirements and specifications of a project, serving as a reference throughout its life cycle. Our industrial specifications template is designed to guide you through each step of structuring your project, ensuring that all critical aspects are covered and clearly defined.

Industrial Specification Model: Complete Example for Project Structuring

Our industrial specifications model is an essential preparatory device for supervising and precisely defining each aspect of your project. It plays a crucial role in setting expectations, requirements and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Introduction to the Specifications

Each chapter of these specifications is designed to guide you in the planning and organization of your projects, with particular attention to your needs and those of your suppliers:

Advantages of the Model

This model offers several significant advantages:

  • Saving Time and Money : Thanks to its clear and detailed structure, it simplifies the planning process, avoiding misunderstandings and reducing unforeseen costs.
  • Effective Coordination : It facilitates communication between all stakeholders, ensuring that all sectors are aligned and working towards common goals.
  • Risk Reduction : By addressing all the necessary details, from security to compliance, this model helps anticipate and mitigate potential risks.

Here is an overview of each chapter:

  1. Summary of the Need : Concise presentation of the need and general objectives of the project.
  2. Project Context : Analysis of the commercial and industrial context, considering the internal and external factors influencing the project.
  3. Project General : Overview of the project, including its objectives, deadlines and key stakeholders.
  4. Presentation of the Installation : Detailed description of the installation or process to be implemented.
  5. Operating Mode : Explanation of the methods and procedures to accomplish the project tasks.
  6. Project Implementation : Information on the location and implementation of the project.
  7. Functional Requirements : Details of specific needs for the proper functioning of the project.
  8. Functions and Works to be Carried Out : Exhaustive list of tasks and works necessary to complete the project.
  9. Documentary Requirements : Specifications of required documents, including plans, reports and technical specifications.
  10. Hardware and Software Recommendations : Recommendations on appropriate equipment and software.
  11. Preliminary Functional Analysis : Initial assessment of the functionality and expected performance of the project.
  12. Payment Terms : Financial conditions and payment terms of the project.
  13. Project Planning : Detailed schedule with key stages and milestones.

This example of specifications is available in Google Doc and Word formats: a direct access link will be sent to you after purchase.


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