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T5/ MS Project - Tutorial: Scaling the Gantt

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In this MS Project tutorial, you will learn how to scale the Gantt chart:

  • Create a custom 3-level scale
  • Highlight non-working days
  • Format the display

We will start by adjusting the display of the Gantt chart to have 3 levels of information. To do this, double-click on the Gantt bar. In the menu that appears, select "3 levels" from the timescale option.

Then go to the intermediate level and choose "Week" . For the format, select "1,2,3,..." .

Then go to the lower level and select "Day" as the unit. Set the interval to one day instead of 7.

Then go to the menu " Unemployed ". Select a light gray color to show non-working days.

Once you have checked the display that appears at the bottom of the menu, click "OK" . And There you go. You have a 3-level display on a daily scale.

Now let's change the formatting of the Gantt chart. In the format menu, click "Gridlines" . Then for the Gantt lines. Select a line shape and choose the color light gray . Once done, click "OK" .

To modify the bar lines, click on "Gridlines" again , then select "Bar line" . Change the shape of the line and select the color gray .

You can experiment with different formats and levels to see what works best for your project.

Finally, to zoom in on your Gantt chart, you can use the "ctrl" key and the scroll of your mouse. You can also use the zoom function located at the bottom right of your screen.

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