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A1/ Template - Budget and project deliverables tracking - Google Sheet

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Optimize the management of your tasks and the monitoring of your projects with our dedicated Excel model. This intuitive dashboard allows you to manage your budget effectively, by highlighting the key performance indicators (KPIs) essential to managing your resources and monitoring the production of your deliverables. Simple to use, our tool adapts to the digital world of modern companies, including the particularities of a digital factory.

📊 How to optimize your project monitoring with this Excel model?

Follow these steps:

  1. Categorize investments: Structure your financial data by entering the different investment categories.
  2. Investment simulation and validation: Use our tool to simulate and approve your expenses by category.
  3. Definition and monitoring of milestones: Determine important milestones for receiving deliverables and monitor deadlines.
  4. Regular update: Keep your data up to date to reflect the true status of your projects.
  5. KPI Analysis: Use progress indicators to evaluate and adjust your project strategy.

Project Dashboard: Financial and Operational Monitoring with Precision

Overview of Budget and Financial Performance

Our project management dashboard offers advanced financial management, equipping project managers with tools to accurately track budgets and expenses. It serves as a centralized system for financial analysis, offering dynamic key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Target Budget vs. Allocated Envelope: Align your financial objectives with available resources, ensuring a match between budget planning and allocated funds.
  • Actual and Forecast Spending: Benefit from up-to-date spending control and forward-looking financial planning for accurate anticipation of future costs.

Optimization of Project Deliverables and Milestones

The effectiveness and success of a project relies on the timely delivery of objectives. Our tool allows advanced monitoring of project performance through:

  • Monitoring of Deliverables : Evaluate the performance of deliverables in real time by comparing deadlines with actual achievements.
  • Weekly Reports : Weekly updates on the completion of deliverables help keep the project under control and quickly identify areas requiring attention.

Precise Resource Management

Approach each phase of the project, from design to construction, with a methodical and strategic approach:

  • Detailed Budget and Deadline Monitoring: Using our tool, accurately track costs by equipment and by task to ensure effective budget management and avoid any cost overruns.

Collaboration and Responsibility

Implement this project tracking tool in your organization to encourage a collaborative and proactive dynamic.

  • Responsibilities : Define the roles of each person (Supplier, Lead, Monitoring Manager), for a transparent distribution of responsibilities which improves communication and efficiency within the team.

🎯 Precise monitoring will also allow you to improve the framing of your projects and react quickly in the event of a problem.

This document is available on the Google Sheet and Excel editor: a direct access link will be sent to you after purchase.

This document does not contain macros, it is easily adaptable and editable according to your specific needs.

To deepen your knowledge of project management and make the most of the functionalities of monitoring tools, do not hesitate to consult our detailed article: How to optimize project management with MS Project: Guide for beginners.


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Key Features

  • Monitoring of project deliverables
  • Investment tracking
  • Budget management
  • Time and cost tracking
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Reporting and analysis

Integration Time

  • Immediate


• Google Sheets

Customer Reviews

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Simple and efficient

I use it to manage project portfolios and monitor my suppliers. This tool allows me to keep budgets and deliverables per project under control.



very satisfied with this purchase, I use this model to monitor my construction sites even if it is designed for large investment projects it remains very simple to operate, I recommend it

Thank you for your comment !

Simple and effective to track investments

Very satisfied with this purchase, I use the excel file to track and manage my work! this allowed me to estimate the budget and track actual expenses, as well as order delivery!

It's a pleasure to know that our tool contributes to your success. Thank you for your trust !

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