Digital transformation has now become necessary in an increasingly competitive environment, also marked by a transformation of context, which is also marked by a transformation of the commercial relationship and a consumption patterns. Industries must therefore adapt flexibly to these new rules of the game in order to rules of the game, in order to produce ever more efficient and varied products, while optimizing manufacturing costs and overall profitability. Numerous digital solutions exist, developed by experts in the sector, and carefully referenced by our teams. While each has its own characteristics, they all share the same goal of maximizing efficiency efficiency, precision and agility throughout the supply chain.

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  • Declique : les boutons tout-terrain

    Declique: the all-terrain buttons

    The connected stirring and timing buttons allow efficient feedback of information, essential for any decision-making. This all-terrain tool collects data
    to increase the performance of your plant, and help you achieve your goals.

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  • digital visual management

    In a search for operational excellence, the connected wallboard developed by Pinglow makes it possible to manage the activity in real time and dynamically, while animating the teams in the field, and more particularly the front-line workers.

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  • See and guide remotely

    SightCall is a professional video platform, hosted in the cloud. It proposes to merge face-to-face and the digital sphere in a collaborative environment, accessible in real time, to guarantee greater autonomy to teams, reduce expenses and improve the customer experience.

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  • Planilog

    Simple and smart scheduling

    Planilog develops a collaborative planning and scheduling application, which allows the optimization of production and maintenance flows in real time.

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  • Mercateam : la solution pour répondre aux enjeux d'une productivité agile

    Mercateam: the solution to meet the challenges of agile productivity

    Mercateam places your know-how at the service of performance. The tool enhances the operational teams by putting them back at the heart of their activity, while saving time in the management sphere.

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  • Innoteo : la force de l'énergie digitale pour le business

    Innoteo: the power of digital energy for business

    Tailor-made applications and packaged solutions, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, IoT technologies: Innoteo's offer propels companies into the dynamics of the digital age and contributes to the development of the industry of the future. The service offer covers business development, data enhancement, customer relationship management and training.

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  • Fabriq : le management d'atelier pour l'industrie 4.0

    Fabriq: workshop management for industry 4.0

    Thanks to a solution that is as simple as it is intuitive (accessible on mobile, tablet and touch screen), Fabriq enables the improvement of industrial performance while boosting team efficiency.

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  • Optimistik: data analysis & big data for industry 4.0

    A ready-to-use operational intelligence solution, OI Analytics aims to transform industrial data, through their collection and then their analysis, into a new lever for daily performance.

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  • The alliance of the IoT and the lean philosophy

    These digital solutions allow real-time monitoring of the performance of the means of production, as well as reactive management. They are based on the latest technologies (connected objects, Android, Bluetooth, WIFI), and on the main principles of Lean Manufacturing.

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  • Arkite: for a digital and interactive work environment

    Sending instructions to teams in real time, thanks to augmented reality, increases the efficiency of production systems. It also improves the quality and flexibility of assembly processes.

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  • VKS : des instructions de travail numériques pour une usine intelligente

    VKS: digital work instructions for a smart factory

    VKS makes creating, deploying, and managing work instructions easy and efficient, while providing an integrated platform for real-time data collection and productivity tracking.

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  • Kami: optimizing industrial efficiency

    The Kami range allows real-time monitoring of production line speeds and performance, while optimizing their OEE. It also offers the implementation of a quality control path, as well as the automation of maintenance to avoid failures.

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  • Modern labor management

    Manage projects, automate processes, and grow enterprise-level programs and portfolios, all on one platform.

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  • Personalize your Employee Experience

    Better involve your employees, give them the keys to success and make them autonomous. Combine our cutting-edge technologies with international support to create the best employee experience solution.

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    The CiviTime solution is based on behavioral sciences and gamification to support change in business and strengthen employees' sense of belonging.

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  • hiji logo

    boost your operational excellence!

    hiji is a web app that reveals the superpowers of your teams through targeted feedback.
    More exchanges and more commitment for more employee performance!

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    At 7-Shapes, we develop training courses that allow all employees to train independently, at a lower cost, at their own pace and while having fun! Our objective ? Make Continuous Improvement accessible to everyone

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  • More committed teams for (much) more performance!

    Simplify management with just one tool! Pulse, HR survey, engagement meter, OKR method, management of objectives and skills, regular updates, evaluation interview frameworks, 360° feedback, sharing of ideas...

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  • The solution for all your process optimization challenges.

    Use Logpickr to master all your optimization activities with confidence thanks to Process Mining combined with Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Bizness est le N°1 de la Formation Nouvelle Génération

    Bizness is the N°1 of the New Generation Training.

    the Bizness Group is dusting off and modernizing the world of professional training in France and abroad.

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  • iObeya application


    iObeya digitizes the obeya experience, providing a simple, powerful and secure way to connect Lean & Agile teams in a hybrid work environment. Discover a place where teams come together to manage operations, solve problems, brainstorm and continuously improve.

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