Digital transformation has now become necessary in an increasingly competitive environment, also marked by a transformation of context, which is also marked by a transformation of the commercial relationship and a consumption patterns. Industries must therefore adapt flexibly to these new rules of the game in order to rules of the game, in order to produce ever more efficient and varied products, while optimizing manufacturing costs and overall profitability. Numerous digital solutions exist, developed by experts in the sector, and carefully referenced by our teams. While each has its own characteristics, they all share the same goal of maximizing efficiency efficiency, precision and agility throughout the supply chain.

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  • Solvace: the digitization of all your operations

    This platform aims to revolutionize operational excellence by stimulating the transformation of all plant processes, from manufacturing to management.

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  • Software AG: for building a smarter future

    Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions allow manufacturers to reinvent their operations thanks to connected objects and real-time data analysis. This first self-service platform encourages agility, while helping you launch your products, improve the quality of your production or even obtain information on your supply chain.

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  • The solution to simplify inventory management

    The Vekia solution makes it possible to anticipate stocks, forecast demand at all levels of the supply chain, and automate low value-added tasks in replenishment management. It thus guarantees simplified, precise and agile management thanks to the optimization of data processing.

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  • Proxia : la flexibilité des solutions M.E.S pour l'industrie 4.0

    Proxia: the flexibility of MES solutions for Industry 4.0

    The software developed by Proxia aims for a sustainable improvement of production processes, in order to optimize the overall effectiveness of your company, and to gain in availability, performance and quality.

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  • Ordinal Sotware : le coeur de l'usine intelligente

    Ordinal Sotware: the heart of the smart factory

    Accessible via a single platform, the MES COOX (Collaborative Operation & Execution) software makes it possible to control and optimize all stages of production, from manufacturing orders to storage or shipping of products.

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  • VIF Sotware: publisher and integrator of software solutions and web applications

    True benchmarks in the world of agrifood, these solutions meet the permanent challenges of visibility, adaptability and productivity for the competitiveness and growth of companies in many sectors: health, beauty, chemicals, consumer products etc

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  • Qubes : le logiciel M.E.S modulaire pour démarrer votre projet d'usine 4.0

    Qubes: the modular MES software to start your factory 4.0 project

    An innovative solution for optimizing industrial performance and integrating future industry technologies. With twenty years of experience, Creative IT is one of the European market leaders in the automation of production monitoring and connected factories.

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  • Meta 2i : un accompagnement vers l'industrie 4.0

    Meta 2i: support for industry 4.0

    Specialized in consulting and publishing of production monitoring and MES software packages, Meta 2i allows the digital management of production, the real-time collection of data and their analysis, as well as the connection between your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ) and your workshop.

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  • Synthetis : des solutions logicielles d’optimisation pour l’industrie

    Synthetis: optimization software solutions for industry

    Publisher of specialized solutions, Synthesis offers various tools for the optimization of personnel planning, maintenance or logistics. These are suitable for a wide variety of fields: steel, food, hygiene and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, etc.

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  • Komugi : faciliter le pilotage de l'usine

    Komugi: facilitating factory management

    Kamugi offers two software solutions: planning, allowing the simulation, planning and management of production; and the supply chain, which improves the availability of parts within the plant.

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  • Courbon Software : le logiciel pour l'industrie intelligente

    Courbon Software: software for smart industry

    Courbon Software designs software that can be integrated and adapted to all manufacturing processes. The suites are developed according to the requirements of each sector of activity: pharmaceutical industry, agrifood, materials chemistry, etc.

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  • Initially developed to meet the high requirements of the cosmetics industry, our ISTRAC software suite is an MES solution that covers all sectors related to the manufacture of liquid products in tanks (food, chemicals, etc.). Flexible, configurable and intuitive, it provides an effective view of manufacturing processes. It consists of a set of features whose common objective is to ensure the quality of the finished product throughout the manufacturing process.

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  • Technilog: for the federation of connected objects

    Technilog leads IoT projects by positioning itself on the collection, translation and analysis of data, necessary for the visualization and control of equipment. It is then a question of connecting the factory as close as possible to the machines and tools, for better anticipation and supplying the business repositories.

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  • Mapex: development of control software and scalable solutions specific to Industry 4.0

    Mapex contributes to the transformation of the production plant into a smart, connected factory, for an improvement in production processes, a reduction in costs and an overall increase in efficiency.

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  • Leancure Logo

    Control your production process in real time

    Digitize your performance and quality with ease thanks to our modular solution Leancure View MES.

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  • Infodream : la suite logicielle pour l'excellence industrielle

    Infodream: the software suite for industrial excellence

    Developed by Infodream, the Qual@xy suite is an innovative MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software for the industry of the future. The latter notably guarantees zero paper, real-time monitoring, 360-degree management, control of your processes thanks to statistics, as well as optimized quality control.

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  • Quasar: MES software for SMEs and large manufacturers

    Quasar provides a complete digital solution for industrial manufacturing management, execution quality control, continuous improvement and increased profitability of the production chain. It focuses on the value of data, its analysis and its valuation, in full integration with the teams in place.

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  • Interal Logiciel Maintenance

    Interal: software peace of mind

    Interal covers the needs of industries in terms of maintenance (GMAO/CMMS), production management (GPAO), inventories and purchases, and employee time and attendance. The tools adapt to a wide variety of sectors: manufacturing or aerospace industry; food and health sectors; or the management of municipalities.

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  • Sylob: ERP software for industries

    Sylob offers a complete and scalable range of ERPs, designed to meet the specific needs of SMEs and industrial ETIs who wish to optimize their performance and agility. These business ERPs have unique functionalities that adapt to each sector: automotive, electronics, plastics, medical, etc.

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  • Sedapata : des logiciels pour l'optimisation de la supply chain

    Sedapata: software for optimizing the supply chain

    The suite developed by Sedapta is based on a collaborative and modular platform, which integrates a scheduling solution, an MES and a CMMS. Connectivity here is extended across the entire supply chain, from factory to sales forecasting processes.

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  • Synktory : conseil technique et logiciel industriel

    Synktory: technical consulting and industrial software

    Synktory supports industrial SMIs and ETIs towards 4.0 transformation. The Kombo solution, Open Source and tailor-made ERP, covers planning, purchasing, inventory management, invoicing, design, maintenance, machine management, monitoring of indicators and KPIs, etc.

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  • Groupe Grenat : la précision de l'information

    Grenat Group: the accuracy of information

    The Grenat Group, publisher and integrator of IT solutions, supports companies (metallurgy and sheet metal, public works, woodworking, electronics, etc.), and health professionals in their digitization projects.

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  • Astrée Software: MES software designed for operators

    Aquiweb is an MES production monitoring software (TRS) linked to your business management (ERP), which collects workshop data in real time, alerts, guides and optimizes production operations. It is made up of various customizable modules: operating mode assistance, traceability, energy performance monitoring, planning or maintenance management, etc.

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  • Atys Concept: supervising, maintaining and optimizing technical installations

    Atys Concept supports manufacturers in improving their operational performance. The proposed solutions focus on the problems of maintenance, production, quality and energy services.

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  • Mobile, intuitive and community-based CMMS software

    Improve your maintenance management with ease
    thanks to the first community CMMS software.

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