Digital transformation has now become necessary in an increasingly competitive environment, also marked by a transformation of context, which is also marked by a transformation of the commercial relationship and a consumption patterns. Industries must therefore adapt flexibly to these new rules of the game in order to rules of the game, in order to produce ever more efficient and varied products, while optimizing manufacturing costs and overall profitability. Numerous digital solutions exist, developed by experts in the sector, and carefully referenced by our teams. While each has its own characteristics, they all share the same goal of maximizing efficiency efficiency, precision and agility throughout the supply chain.

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  • Tripied: the company prevention plan software

    This solution offers the transition to a digital prevention plan, fully adapted to the field, while limiting the risk of accident or criminal conviction.

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  • Psycle Research

    Visual inspection at the service of industry

    Psycle Research is developing a tailor-made system dedicated to the operational control of production. The proposed solution consists of an intelligent automaton which inspects the products and analyzes their conformity.

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  • Siteflow La bascule digitale

    The digital scale

    Siteflow offers a cloud solution for managing field operations, adapted to the nuclear, energy, public works, etc. sectors. This allows you to organize interventions in agile mode, capture data in all-terrain forms, save time with automated documentation, and synchronize platforms thanks to integrations.

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  • MerciYannis: the ally to manage your work environment

    Fully modular according to needs, MerciYanis makes it easy to manage your premises, which have become intelligent buildings 100% adapted to maximized productivity. The sensors and connected objects thus ensure the detection, then the signal of an incident for rapid intervention.

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  • Ubigreen: proptech for eco-responsible buildings at the service of occupants

    Ubigreen is accelerating the energy transition of businesses and communities through digital solutions for optimizing building performance. These allow the reduction of the operational costs of the sites, as well as the proposal of a hybrid work experience.

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  • VKS : des instructions de travail numériques pour une usine intelligente

    VKS: digital work instructions for a smart factory

    VKS makes creating, deploying, and managing work instructions easy and efficient, while providing an integrated platform for real-time data collection and productivity tracking.

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  • Know to act

    Reverse Systems offers solutions serving the circular economy for the aeronautical, manufacturing, naval and defense industries. This MMS (Material Management System), which can be used by all players in the supply chain, allows the management and traceability of materials, leading then to their reuse.

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  • Ergosante

    LEA Ergonomic Analysis Software

    Léa is a postural analysis tool that automatically identifies joints and compares angles with the RULA ergonomic standard.

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