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J9/ Excel Project Management Model - Budget and Deliverables Monitoring

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Improve your project management and financial monitoring with our Excel model designed to meet the needs of businesses in the digital age. Our solution simplifies budget tracking, milestone management, and deliverable tracking, positioning itself as an essential tool for effective project management. It offers in-depth analysis of every financial and operational aspect to facilitate decision-making and resource management.

📊 Contents

1. Global Dashboard: Key Performance Indicators – Dark Version

  • Monitoring of actual expenses and forecasts according to the target budget and the allocated envelope

  • Monitoring of KPIs by milestones .

2. Global Dashboard: Key Performance Indicators – Plain Version

3. Budget Dashboard: Budget Tracking

  • Budget analysis and monitoring of actual costs by manager, supplier, and investment category.

4. Deliverables dashboard: Tracking deliverables

  • Status of receipt of deliverables by manager, supplier, and progress projection.

5. Data entry

  • Category: Investment Category Entry Sheet
  • Equipment: Investment data entry sheet and deliverables
  • Checklist: Task tracking sheet

How it works ?

  1. Set your budget goal, launch date, and milestones in the “Dasboard Dark” tab.
  2. Enter the investment categories in the “Category” tab.
  3. Enter investment data by equipment, actual expenses, and delivery dates for order tracking in the "Equipment" tab.
  4. Visual indicators in the Dashboard Dark allow you to monitor budget overruns or delivery delays.
  5. Refresh pivot tables and perform in-depth analysis of budget and deliverables on the dashboard.
  6. Evaluate budget performance via Budget Dashboard, track actual spending against forecast and allocated budget, quickly detect budget overrun.
  7. Analyze the progress of deliverable closeouts and quickly draw conclusions about delay risks and responsibilities via the Deliverables Dashboard.


Our Excel model transforms project management by providing a comprehensive and adjustable overview of budget performance, adapted in real time to available information. It allows a detailed analysis of the overall performance of the project, facilitating cost reduction and scrupulous compliance with delivery deadlines. This tool is designed to improve collaboration, providing stakeholders and collaborators with a common base of data and analysis. Thus, it contributes to better coordination and more informed decision-making, strengthening the efficiency and productivity of the entire project.

To take project management a step further and get the most out of tracking tools, check out our detailed guide on optimizing project management with MS Project .

And for a personalized approach, discover our support services for the development of tailor-made project management software, by visiting our page dedicated to support services .

🎯 Precise monitoring and increased responsiveness are within reach with our dashboard , adaptable and without macros for easy integration into your processes. Available for Excel, direct access link is provided after purchase.

Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2016 and later.

Does not contain macros, works on several simultaneous workstations via Excel Online, it is easily adaptable and modifiable according to your specific needs.


Easy to use

Immediate deployment


Instant delivery

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Assistance when needed

Key Features

  • Monitoring of project deliverables
  • Investment tracking
  • Budget management
  • Time and cost tracking
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Reporting and analysis

Integration Time

  • Immediate



How can I customize this document template to meet the specific needs of my business?

Our document templates are designed to be easily customizable to meet the specific needs of each business. You can adjust the fields, formats, and calculations according to your requirements. If you need advanced customization, our support team is available to assist you in modifying and optimizing the template to perfectly fit your work environment.

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It works well on my project, but I was hoping for a lighter dashboard; it's better for reporting impressions.

I use to track my supplier orders

I use this template to track my supplier orders and I am satisfied with it.

What do I need?

All that I need to track purchasing orders


The version I uploaded has an issue with currency format.

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