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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is an essential performance indicator in the world of industrial production. It makes it possible to measure the overall efficiency of equipment by taking into account three main variables: availability, performance and quality. Monitoring OEE is vital to identify opportunities for improvement and to establish optimized production processes.

How OEE Software Works

Our OEE software is designed to simplify the calculation and monitoring of this key indicator. It integrates advanced features to automate data collection and analysis, thus providing an accurate, real-time view of the performance of your production lines. With an intuitive interface, you can quickly identify sources of loss and take corrective action to improve productivity.

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Transform Your Production Management

OEE Software: Your Complete Solution for Optimizing Production Performance

Our OEE software offers a complete solution for production management, simplifying data collection, performance analysis and quality improvement. Thanks to its intuitive dashboard, it allows your company to monitor the efficiency of your production line in real time, identify the main causes of scrap and stoppages, and prioritize corrective actions. With advanced features such as Pareto charts and pivot tables, OEE software helps you maximize productivity and maintain high quality standards, contributing to the success of your business.

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Optimization of Industrial Processes: Deployment and Integration of TRS Software

Deployment and Integration

Implementing OEE software in your business is a strategic process, designed to be simple and straightforward. We support you every step of the way:

  1. Facility :

    The software is installed on your systems with technical support from Digital Factory if necessary.

  2. Configuration:

    Customize the software so that it adapts to the specificity of your processes and your industrial environment.

  3. Training:

    Your teams are trained to master the software and fully exploit its potential.

  4. Integration:

    OEE software is integrated with your existing systems for optimal coordination and centralization of data.

We are determined to guarantee a smooth and efficient transition for your business, with constant and personalized support.

OEE Software Use Cases and Testimonials


In a context where more than 50 manufacturing industries were looking to improve their Overal Equipement Effectiveness (OEE) and reduce unplanned downtime and scrap, OEE software proved to be the ideal solution.


These companies have adopted our Plug & Play tool, designed for easy and quick integration in just a few clicks. Our tool stands out for its advanced functionalities and its adaptability to the specific needs of each industrial environment:

  • Integrated Dashboard : It offers key performance indicators (KPIs) for real-time monitoring of OEE, allowing a clear and precise vision of production performance.

  • Detailed Monitoring : An in-depth analysis of the root causes of scrap and downtime is carried out, helping to identify and resolve inefficiencies.

In addition to these features, our solution includes crucial elements to further optimize production operations:

  • Setting up the Production Film : This functionality allows real-time visualization of production operations, ensuring better coordination and effective monitoring.

  • Integration of Technical Details : The software collects real-time data from various production systems used by the client, such as ERP, MES, SCADA. In addition, the implementation of a module connected to the API allows data to be retrieved and analyzed even more efficiently, thus ensuring seamless integration and centralization of information.

Screenshot of a graph showing an TRS tracking curve


  • Quick Setup:

    Simple installation and suitable for enterprise environments such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

  • Connection to Production Data:

    Seamless data integration for efficient analysis.

  • Real-Time Analysis:

    Rapid identification of optimization opportunities through analysis of production data.


After several months of using OEE  software, companies have noticed:

  • Improved OEE:

    Significant increase from 70% to 85% on average.

  • Reduction in Unplanned Stoppages: Reduction of 23%, thus optimizing production time.



Feedback from our customers underlines the added value provided by the OEE software and Digital Factory's commitment to offering solutions that significantly transform production processes.


FAQ about OEE Software and its Implementation

Q1: What is OEE software and what is it used for?

OEE software is a production performance monitoring solution that integrates essential KPIs, including availability, performance and quality. It allows you to monitor production quality, identify the causes of rejects and stoppages, and improve the efficiency of the production line.

Q2: What are the main features of OEE software?

The OEE software includes a production dashboard, data entry sheets to record production campaigns, quantities of good, reworked and scrapped parts, as well as production stoppages. It also offers batch tracking charts, Pareto charts for root causes of scrap and downtime, and pivot tables for custom analysis.

Q3: How does OEE software work?

To use OEE software, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the line stations, causes of rejects and causes of stoppages into the software.
  2. Populate databases by recording production campaigns, stoppages and scraps.

  3. View and analyze the performance indicators of your production line on the dashboard.

  4. Implement corrective actions to improve the performance of your equipment.

Q4: How can OEE software simplify production management?

OEE software simplifies production management by automating data collection, providing clear visual analytics, and quickly identifying critical issues. It allows corrective actions to be taken more quickly, which improves productivity and production quality.

Q5: Is OEE software compatible with other existing systems?

Yes, OEE software can be integrated with other existing systems such as ERP, MES, SCADA, etc. It facilitates the visualization of KPIs and the analysis of improvement actions, offering a complete solution for monitoring production performance.

Q6: Where can I get OEE software and how to install it?

OEE software is available on Google Sheets and Excel editors. A direct access link will be sent to you after purchase. It does not contain macros and can be easily adapted according to your specific needs.

Q7: What are the advantages of the support offered?

The support offered helps you implement a complete solution to integrate data from your existing systems, simplifying the visualization of KPIs and the analysis of improvement actions. You can save time and resources while focusing on improving your production performance.

Q8: What is the OEE software integration time?

Onboarding time depends on your specific needs and system requirements. Our OEE software can be deployed immediately for quick and efficient use.

For any further questions or support requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.