7 new innovative digital resources to adopt

Do you want to increase your company's profits with automated technologies? Struggling to improve your workflow efficiency? You will not be able to achieve your goal without digital tools. Digitally mature organizations have seen a faster increase in revenue through the use of digital tools.

Discover the digital resources to adopt absolutely to increase the productivity of your company.

1. Knowledge management and sharing tools

Knowledge management and sharing tools allow you to access and save a large amount of information. To build a digital-first business, you need to empower your employees to access resources and knowledge. Innovative tools help you minimize training costs since there is no need for in-person instruction sessions.

Knowledge management apps are Freshdesk, Confluence, and Quip. These allow you to share your knowledge and foster a better corporate culture.

2. The social intranet

You can leverage the social intranet to create an internal ecosystem that fosters collaboration. The social intranet allows you to interact effectively with your internal team. It also allows you to send company-related updates and join the forum to participate in discussions.

The best intranets also give you the ability to integrate third-party apps and share documents. It is of course possible to do all this by e-mail. So why consider a social intranet? Because it's not just a communication tool. The social intranet is an effective platform for productivity and collaboration.

3. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) software allows you to secure information about your customers. You may use the data to run your marketing programs and maintain customer relations.

Also, CRM data is useful for improving customer service. Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot and MS Dynamics are popular CRM solutions. These allow you to easily provide personalized services to your customers.

4. Project management software

Project management tools have become essential for working in an online environment. You can use these tools to assign, create, and monitor tasks. Project management tools also allow your employees or team members to see the progress of projects.

Proper use of these tools improves efficiency and transparency. Trello, Asana, and several other project management apps benefit businesses of varying sizes.

5. Cloud storage

To efficiently store your data, you can choose MS OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. With cloud storage and a stable internet connection, data management becomes easy!

There is no need to use local hardware and servers. Cloud storage helps you streamline workflows and make files easily accessible from anywhere.

In addition, it allows you to have a secure backup in case of failure of your system. Your employees can easily share data and collaborate with each other.


6. Customer Success Software

To help your customers more effectively, invest in customer success software. This tool allows you to reduce friction in the purchasing process. Customers can easily buy your services and/or products. Your business can provide excellent customer service using innovative tools.

7. Content Management System

Create content and establish your online presence! Investing in a CMS platform is a thoughtful move. You can even publish and edit content using your CMS.

The digital world therefore offers many tools to ensure the success of your business. Choose without delay the right digital tools according to your objective!

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