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Are you an engineer and do you have an idea for an innovative application or solution in the context of Industry 4.0? Congratulation ! However, you have many questions about the different approaches and other steps that are essential to the concrete realization of your project.

Lancer votre solution

The Digital Factory accompanies you from the development to the launch of your solution . Our personalized support focuses on the following points:

- Realization of the prototype

- The evaluation of the feasibility of the project through our community of experts, through votes and a continuous valuation of the ideas proposed

- Contact with prospects, and help in finding future customers, as well as obtaining pre-order agreements

- Connecting with partner financial organizations to support the project

- The concrete realization of the solution, through a connection with suitable and rigorously selected suppliers on the market

- Promotion through the networks of the Digital Factory and influencers who already collaborate with us

- Acceleration and deployment of your project on other levels

By offering a unique concept, the Digital Factory embodies a complete ecosystem designed at 360 degrees for personalized support. Our experts guarantee a comprehensive, informed and thorough analysis of your project.

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My project

I have an idea but I don't know how to give it substance...

We believe that each idea must be studied with the greatest possible attention, in order to reserve the best conditions for its realization: this is why we offer you support from the very beginning of your reflection. Our team is also at your disposal at any time to help you overcome the difficulties inherent in the genesis and assembly of your proposal. Finally, we guide you in the search for the best suppliers for the implementation phase.

My solution is already in the development phase, but I need advice...

Our consultants adapt to all situations, and can therefore intervene in all stages of your creative process. In particular, we can support you in the production of the prototype, a key and decisive moment for your project. The Digital Factory also gives you access to a community of expert engineers in various fields, who put their skills and knowledge at your service to evaluate your ideas. This contact with a fair and relevant network in the context of your activity finally conceals an optimal appreciation of your solution, thanks to the vote of the main players in the sector.

My app is finished, but I don't know what to do next...

We take care of creating and facilitating links with the prospect, who could well become your future client. This process makes it possible in particular to assess the relevance of the proposed innovation as close as possible to its target, and thus to have it validated directly. It also offers the possibility of pre-ordering, as an additional guarantee of the viability of the project. Some corrections or improvements may be necessary as part of an adjustment: our support remains at your disposal to help you sort out problems and other logical bugs in a launch phase. Finally, the Digital Factory offers support in the search for partner financial investors to provide economic support for a solution.

I would like to make my application or solution more widely known…

Your privileged access to the Digital Factory community already guarantees the dissemination of your idea within a group of experts committed to innovation. Our internal and external networks will then be the voice of your project according to its nature and direction. We also work with influencers to promote unifying concepts. Our advisers are also at your disposal for any deployment of your project on other levels.

Lancer votre solution

A collaboration with the Digital Factory ensures you a support that is 100% adapted, responsive and always available when needed . The two main pillars of our support are clearly defined: to save precious time, and to offer you a significant gain in visibility. We also firmly believe in the power of innovation, which we defend in all of our achievements, and which is at the very heart of our concept. It is thus a question of sharing know-how in different chosen areas of expertise, while offering solid bases for the digital transition desired by a company. The best ideas therefore remain essential to push the limits of Industry 4.0 and propel companies into the digital sphere.

If you wish to join the adventure and register your solution in our virtual library, two subscription offers will be offered to you: a "Basic" course, and a "Premium" course, the details of which you will find on this link. We are particularly committed to establishing a catalog of applications and solutions that is as complete as it is precise, which we update regularly: all ideas are therefore welcome! In addition, our teams are at your disposal for any questions or additional information. Do not hesitate to contact us through the button below if you want to know more, and start a collaboration with the Digital Factory.

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