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We simplify the process of planning your industrial facilities. We support you in this transformation, by developing a complete solution that exploits the power and synergy of Microsoft applications managed by your organization. With MS Project for Desktop, SharePoint, Power BI, and Power Automate, we offer a powerful combination for planning, tracking, collaborating, automating workflows, preventing incidents, and generating real-time reports. This integrated solution is specifically designed to address the complex challenges of maintenance planning in cutting-edge industrial facilities.

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    Customization and Flexibility

Perfect integration into the Industry 4.0 ecosystem

Merge technological advancement with operational efficiency for smart, proactive industrial facility management

Safety and Productivity of Critical Facilities

Our approach ensures optimal performance of critical facilities, reducing unplanned downtime

Streamlining planning processes

Reinvent maintenance with streamlined processes by leveraging the power of Microsoft automation and analytical tools

Resource Optimization and Cost Reduction

an optimal management solution for industrial plant planning, designed to improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

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    Training and Support

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Optimal Industrial Maintenance Management: Features

For the Planner

Functionality Description
📅 Advanced planning of interventions Simplification of planning and data entry of notices declared by the manufacturer, thanks to a specific framework designed to facilitate these processes.
🔄 Optimization of Resource Utilization Efficient allocation of resources by profession, allowing optimal management of teams and equipment.
🌐 Centralization via an Intuitive Interface Creation of a SharePoint collaboration site connected to planning for an overview and centralized management of maintenance operations.
🔗 Integration with ERP and External Systems Seamlessly connect with ERP, SAP, and other systems for real-time data synchronization and sharing.
📊 Advanced Reporting and Analytics Powerful reporting tools to analyze performance, job efficiency and trends for data-driven decisions.

For Maintenance Operators

Functionality Description
🤝 Collaboration via SharePoint Facilitation of communication between teams for monitoring and updating the evolution of OT, thanks to integration with SharePoint.
🔧 Simplified management of OT User-friendly user interface for efficient work order management.
📊 Customizing SharePoint A dedicated space by sector, with advanced visualization and reporting tools for precise monitoring of interventions.
🚀 Real-Time Notification and Workflow Automation Instant alerts for new OTs or important updates, and workflow automation.
🔗 Integration with ERP software Connection with ERP systems like SAP for simplified data entry and updating, increasing consistency and efficiency of operations.

For Maintenance Managers

Functionality Description
📈 Advanced Reporting and Analytics Advanced reporting for in-depth analysis of performance and effectiveness of interventions, and for tracking work orders from planning to closeout, enabling informed decision-making.
🔔 Incident Notification Alert system to immediately inform of anomalies or emergencies, ensuring rapid reaction and effective resolution in the event of a deviation.
🔄 Optimization of Maintenance Processes Identification of improvement opportunities to optimize workflows and increase the overall efficiency of maintenance operations.
🤖 Automation of Repetitive Tasks Automation for repetitive tasks, increasing operational efficiency and allowing teams to focus on preventive activities.

Key Features for Production Managers

Functionality Description
🌐 Real-Time Access to Sector Planning Instant visualization of maintenance schedules by sector, allowing precise and real-time monitoring of activities and allocated resources.
🤝 Collaboration via SharePoint Use of SharePoint to facilitate communication and collaboration between teams, ensuring smooth updating and coordination of maintenance tasks.
📈 Reporting and Workflow Automation Advanced reporting and workflow automation to generate performance analyses, with the creation of notifications to alert on critical points.


What is Maintenance Scheduling Software?

Maintenance planning software is a solution designed to help companies manage, plan and execute their preventive and corrective maintenance activities efficiently, ensuring the proper functioning and longevity of their industrial equipment.

How does the software improve maintenance planning?

Our software optimizes maintenance planning by providing advanced tools for task scheduling, resource allocation, real-time monitoring of operations, and data analysis to anticipate future needs and prevent failures.

Does the solution support preventive and corrective maintenance?

Yes, our software is designed to manage both preventive maintenance, by planning interventions before problems arise, and corrective maintenance, by responding effectively to breakdowns and emergencies.

Can the software be integrated with other systems (ERP, SAP)?

Absolutely. Our software easily integrates with various ERP and SAP systems, enabling data synchronization and consistency in the management of maintenance operations across the entire enterprise.

How does the software facilitate collaboration between teams?

Through integration with platforms like SharePoint, our software facilitates collaboration and communication between maintenance teams, production managers and other departments, ensuring smooth updating and efficient coordination of tasks.

What types of reporting and analytics are available?

Our software offers advanced reporting and analysis tools, providing detailed insights into performance, maintenance costs, intervention effectiveness, and more to support data-driven decision-making.

Is the software suitable for small and large businesses?

Our solution is specifically suited to large industries that process a high volume of work orders, often exceeding 500 per month.

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Preventive Maintenance Planning Software - Industry 4.0


The importance of preventive maintenance planning in the era of Industry 4.0

The advent of Industry 4.0 has radically changed the management of maintenance in industrial installations. The ever-increasing integration of cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) , big data analysis (Big Data), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), has taken preventive maintenance to a new level. More than just a measure to reduce unplanned downtime, this advanced approach aims to extend equipment life and maximize efficiency. In this technologically advanced environment, a preventive maintenance strategy, finely integrated with the principles of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and OEE (Overrall Equipement Effectiveness) , has become essential to maintain fluid and quality production, while optimizing costs. operational costs.

Our support is positioned at the heart of this transformation. We are committed to providing tailored solutions to design and deploy preventive maintenance planning tools that fully leverage the power of Microsoft technologies. Our goal is to transform the complex challenges of industrial maintenance into simple and efficient processes, allowing our customers to focus on their core business.

Our approach to creating a preventative maintenance planning tool

Our maintenance planning tool development process is designed to adapt to the specific needs of each industrial facility. We begin with an analysis and benchmarking phase, during which we diagnose the existing situation and identify best practices adapted to our clients' environments. This step is crucial to understanding the unique challenges each business faces, allowing a truly personalized solution to be designed.

The development and deployment of the tool follows this initial analysis. Leveraging key tools such as MS Project for planning and resource management, Power BI for tracking and reporting, Power Automate for workflow automation, and SharePoint for data centralization and collaboration , we create an integrated solution that simplifies and improves preventive maintenance planning.

To ensure a smooth transition to the new platform, we also offer training sessions and post-deployment support. These services are designed to prepare our customers' teams to effectively use the tool, ensuring successful adoption and tangible improvement in maintenance processes.

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In summary, our approach is not limited to the development of a tool; it encompasses a global transformation of maintenance practices, with emphasis on the rationalization of communication, the release of operational staff from time-consuming tasks, the reduction of costs linked to non-optimization, and the transition from an intervention logic to a logic of prevention.


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