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A2/ Advanced OEE Tracking Excel- Powerful Manufacturing Dashboard – Google Sheet

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In an industrial context where efficiency and productivity are paramount, managing and monitoring the performance of production units becomes a complex and essential task. To meet this challenge, implementing an effective monitoring system is not only necessary but crucial for operational success. The spreadsheet presented here is specifically designed to meet these needs, offering a complete solution for performance monitoring of a production unit, whether it consists of a single or multiple workstations. This systematic approach allows for real-time monitoring of various aspects of production and quick identification of areas needing attention to optimize processes and increase overall efficiency.

Manufacturing Dashboard : Structure and Key Components

1. A manufacturing dashboard

2. Data Entry Sheets

  • Category: Data entry sheet for categories (teams, stations, causes)
  • Batch: Data entry sheet for recording daily production campaigns
  • Cartons: Data entry sheet for quantities of good, touched up, and rejected pieces
  • Stops: Data entry sheet for production stops

3. Tracking Major Causes of Scrap and Stops

  • Report: Chart tracking batches to visualize the evolution of your production performance
  • Monthly Report: Chart tracking runs by month to analyze longer-term trends

4. Pareto Analysis of Major Causes of Scrap and Stops

  • Stop Chart: Pareto chart of major stops over the last 4 weeks
  • Stop Chart 2: Temporal tracking chart of major stops
  • Carton Chart: Pareto chart of major scraps and touch-ups over the last 4 weeks
  • Scrap Chart: Temporal tracking chart of major scraps

5. Others

  • Pivot tables for customized analyses

OEE Reporting and Calculation: Methodology and Applications

To ensure optimized monitoring, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Enter the line stations, scrap causes, and stop causes
  2. Fill in the databases: production campaigns, stops, and scraps
  3. Visualize and analyze the performance indicators of your production line
  4. Implement actions to improve the yield of your equipment

Use this tool to deploy TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) in a simple, fast, and effective manner. It's a resource used by automotive industry leaders, indispensable in today's competitive industrial context. Save time and resources and focus on improving your performance.

🎯 Boost your production with this tool, used by automotive industry leaders. Save time and resources, aiming for operational excellence.

Advanced Production Management and Optimization

To ensure optimal tracking, we guide you step by step in implementing a comprehensive solution to integrate data from your existing ERP, MES, SCADA, etc. systems. This approach streamlines data entry for operators and enhances KPI analysis for managers, facilitating the evaluation of improvement measures. To learn more about our support offerings, feel free to visit our support offer page and discover the features of our OEE software.

🎯 Boost your production with this tool, used by leaders in the automotive industry. Save time and resources by aiming for operational excellence.

This document is available on Google Sheets and Excel editors: a direct access link will be sent to you after purchase.

This document does not contain macros, making it easily adaptable and modifiable according to your specific needs.


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Assistance When Needed

Key Features

  • TPM deployment
  • OEE tracking
  • Quality report
  • Availability tracking
  • Pareto of causes
  • Analysis and reporting

Integration Time

  • Immediate



What is OEE?

OEE is a key performance indicator used to measure production efficiency by taking into account availability, performance and quality.

How does OEE calculator software help industries?

The software collects and analyzes production data, such as downtime, production rates and scrap rates, enabling real-time visualization of performance and rapid decision-making to improve productivity.

What are the key components of the software?

- OEE monitoring and calculation dashboard
- Pareto performance loss analysis dashboard
- Pareto dashboard for scrap rate analysis
- Monitoring of availability rate per machine
- Monitoring of quality rates per machine
- Data entry sheets for stops and scraps

What are the key components of this OEE tracking model?

- Production monitoring dashboard with essential KPIs
- Data entry sheets (shifts, stations, causes, batches, quantities of parts, stops)
- Batch tracking graphs to visualize performance evolution
- Pareto charts to analyze the main causes of scraps and stoppages
- Pivot tables for personalized analyzes

Does the software work with Excel?

Yes, the Excel template for calculating OEE is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2016 and later versions. It does not contain macros and can work on several workstations simultaneously via Excel Online.

Does the software work with Excel and Google Sheets?

Yes, the template is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2016 and later, as well as Google Sheets. It does not contain macros and can work on several workstations simultaneously via Excel Online.

How can this software help me deploy TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)?

By using this tool, you can view and analyze performance indicators, identify the main causes of losses, and implement actions to improve the performance of your equipment, thus facilitating the deployment of TPM.

Is the software suitable for existing systems (ERP, MES, SCADA)?

Yes, we offer support to integrate data from your existing systems to guarantee optimized monitoring of your production.

How can I access the software after purchase?

A direct access link to the Excel document will be sent to you after purchase.

How can I access the software after purchase?

A direct access link to the Excel or Google Sheets document will be sent to you after purchase

Which industries can benefit from this software?

The software is used by leaders in the automotive industry and is essential for any company seeking to improve its production performance in a competitive industrial context.

What support is available if needed?

We offer support for any questions or problems you may encounter while using the software. Our team is available to help you maximize the efficiency of your production monitoring.

Customer Reviews

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j'utilise la version google sheet

Un outil complet de suivi du TRS. J'utilise une seule feuille Google partagée avec les chefs d'équipe pour saisir les données sur les campagnes de production et les arrêts. Les graphiques sont mis à jour automatiquement pour toutes les stations


Dieses Excel-Tracking-Tool ist äußerst effizient und benutzerfreundlich. Es hat unsere prozesse wesentlich vereinfacht.

great dashboards

Very useful tool to track production performance, easy to fill in, and dashboards allow advanced monitoring.

improved our process

been using this tool for 3 months now, discovered it through a YouTube demo, and it has been an invaluable resource for tracking OEE easely. Highly recommend!

I recommend this tracker

Just one week after implementing this tracker, we gained insights into the main issues causing performance losses
It allows us to target our effort on critital areas

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