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7-Shapes: Online Lean Management Training Platform

The 7-shapes online training platform offers an interactive and personalized experience for businesses looking to improve their operations. Here are some key features:

Various Interactive Modules

The training courses incorporate a range of interactive modules including business simulations, 3D games, explanatory videos and quizzes. These varied learning methods aim to make the process of acquiring skills more engaging and effective.

Adaptability to Individual Needs

The platform adapts to different learning styles and specific user needs. It offers flexibility in the pace and content of training, allowing everyone to progress at their own pace.

Educational Approach Focused on the Game

Learning is designed to be fun and stimulating, through serious games and realistic simulations. This approach aims to make the learning experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Certification and Recognition

The certifications issued are recognized and attest to the skills acquired through the platform. This allows companies to guarantee the quality and relevance of their employees’ skills.

Easy and Flexible Access

The platform provides easy and flexible access, allowing users to train at any time and from any location, as long as they have an internet connection.

Key Features

  • Lean Diagnosis
  • Lean roadmap
  • Lean training
  • Lean Tools
  • Lean management
  • Lean project management
  • Sharing of good practices
  • Personalization


  • Advice and expertise
  • Training


  • All sectors


  • Single purchase

Certifications :

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