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A6/ Template — Machine risk analysis — Google Sheet/Excel

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This document allows you to carry out a risk analysis for your machine.

The risk analysis is based on the definition of the machine's limits, as well as on these two points:

– identification of potential dangerous phenomena (mechanical, electrical, thermal, noise, radiation, combustible materials, etc.)

– the identification of dangerous situations or events, i.e. anything that could cause damage to the worker or the equipment

A correctly carried out study is essential in order to avoid any form of work accident.

This document will be available on Google Sheets; a direct access link will be sent to you within one week of your purchase. An Excel version is also available for download.

Key Features

  • identification of risks
  • Risk Assessment
  • Highlighting dangerous situations
  • Proposed control measures
  • Documentation and traceability
  • Update and review
  • Conformity assessment

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