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A5/ Excel FMEA Template - Google Sheet/Excel - Basic

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FMEA Excel Template for Process Analysis

This template is built upon the FMEA methodology, which stands for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. This quantitative and qualitative approach illuminates potential failures and mistakes in a production process, or within the procedures employed for a particular task. Thereafter, it becomes feasible to implement corrective or preventive actions.

For an in-depth understanding of this technique and its significance, please refer to our detailed article: All about FMEA.

Our template includes:

  • Severity Rating Grid: Evaluate the severity, detection, and occurrence of potential failures in detail.
  • FMEA Excel Table: A structured tool for analysis, highlighting areas that need intervention and assisting you in prioritizing your corrective or preventive actions. This document is available via Google Sheets editor: a direct access link will be provided post-purchase. It's also accessible as an Excel version through a downloadable file.

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