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GPT for Work

GPT for Work - Automating Google Sheets and Docs with AI

GPT for Work from revolutionizes the way you work with Google Sheets and Docs. With ChatGPT integration, you can clean lists, extract entities, convert formats, generate copy, taglines, subject lines, summaries, blogs, emails and much more . Use GPT features for short text in Sheets and Docs integration for long content. Optimize your productivity with GPT for Work.

Key Features

  • Generation of titles
  • Idea generation for blog posts
  • Generation of meta descriptions
  • Tabular data processing
  • Filling out descriptions
  • Creating data from models
  • Summarize multiple cells at once
  • Correction of grammar and spelling errors
  • Formatting
  • Translation
  • Value mapping

Integration Time

  • Immediate


  • Free


• Google Sheets

• Google Docs

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