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Lean cure

LeanCure: the modular solution to improve the performance and quality of your factory

LeanCure is an MES (Manufacturing Control System) platform dedicated to improving industrial productivity. It fits perfectly into the era of industry 4.0, offering advanced digitalization of production and quality management.

Leancure: Your solution for Industry 4.0

Here's an overview of what LeanCure can do for your business:

  • Overview of your production : Monitor your production line in real time with visual management, automatic data collection, and share this information throughout the factory.

  • Ensure quality : Operators can carry out self-checks online, with rigorous monitoring of components and raw materials, while having an overview of the checks carried out and to come.

  • Decrypt your data : Unlimited access to line data allows in-depth analysis using various analysis models, offering customizable performance reports.

  • Flexibility and modularity : Leancure is made up of two modules that can work together or separately, including the “Leancure MES Viewer” for production and quality monitoring, and “Traceability – Self-control” for quality controls on production lines. The tool is designed to be simple, flexible, and interacts directly with operators.

  • Advanced management : The traceability and self-control module offers a multitude of functionalities, from managing the presence of operators to the digitalization of surveillance plans, including the creation of personalized quality control forms.

Leancure is much more than just a tool; it is a complete solution for all companies wishing to optimize their production and quality while ensuring traceability and compliance.

Key Features

  • Production monitoring
  • Visual management in the workshop
  • Automatic collection of production data
  • Real-time performance display
  • Interaction with the operator
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Quality control
  • Tracking of raw materials and components
  • Access to performance analyzes
  • Customizable performance reports


  • Development
  • Integration


  • Agri-food
  • Automotive
  • Consumer goods
  • Chemistry and materials
  • Electronics and semiconductors
  • Pharmaceutical industry and medical devices
  • Engineering and manufacturing of machines and equipment
  • Metallurgy and steel industry
  • Paper and packaging
  • Plastics and rubber
  • Textiles and clothing


  • On-premise deployment
  • Cloud deployment (cloud-based)
  • Hybrid deployment
  • Remote technical support
  • On-site support for installation
  • Software updates

Integration Time

  • < month


  • Perpetual license
  • Monthly or annual subscription
  • Cost based on features

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