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A2/ OEE Calculation - Powerful Manufacturing KPI Dashboard – Performance Monitoring of Multiple Production Units – Available in Google Sheet & Excel

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This advanced and user-friendly spreadsheet tool is specifically designed to facilitate seamless OEE Calculation and monitoring of production units, whether they are singular or multiple, manual or automated. By focusing on key Manufacturing KPI Dashboard metrics, this tool is a culmination of extensive research and meticulous development aimed at creating an integrated and efficient solution for production monitoring.

📁 OEE Calculation in Manufacturing KPI Dashboard : What's Inside ?

Discover the core features of our tool, including:

  1. Manufacturing KPI Dashboard : An integrated dashboard that includes essential KPIs for OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).
  2. Data Entry Sheets: These sheets are vital for categorizing (teams, stations, causes) and recording daily production campaigns, highlighting the significance of OEE Calculation in manufacturing operations.
  3. Performance Monitoring: Track the major causes of waste and stops, a crucial aspect of Manufacturing KPI Dashboard analysis.
  4. Summary Charts: Detailed charts for lot and monthly run follow-ups, vital for visualizing the evolution of your production performance in terms of OEE Calculation.
  5. Breakdown and Waste Charts: Pareto charts of major stops and waste for the past 4 weeks, essential for Manufacturing KPI Dashboard insights.
  6. Customized Analysis: Pivot tables to customize your analyses as per your needs, enhancing the OEE Calculation process.

⚙️ Enhancing Productivity with the Manufacturing KPI Dashboard

TThe Manufacturing KPI Dashboard is structured to provide a clear and concise view of your production unit’s performance, offering insights into areas that require attention and improvement for effective OEE Calculation. Whether you're a seasoned manufacturer or a small-scale producer, this tool is equipped to assist you in refining your processes, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring optimal utilization of resources for Manufacturing KPI Dashboard optimization.

Whether you're a seasoned manufacturer or a small-scale producer aspiring to elevate your production standards and operational efficiency, this tool is equipped to assist you in refining your processes, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring optimal utilization of resources.

The simplicity in design coupled with the depth of functionality ensures that you have a clear understanding of your production dynamics, empowering you to implement effective strategies for continuous improvement and sustainable growth. So, embark on your journey towards manufacturing excellence with our tailored Manufacturing KPI Dashboard and experience a transformation in the way you perceive and monitor production performance.

🔨 Practical Steps for Effective Production Monitoring with Our Tool

o ensure optimal OEE Calculation and monitoring, follow these steps :

  • Enter line stations, waste causes, and stop causes, integral to your Manufacturing KPI Dashboard.
  • Fill in databases: production campaign, stops, and waste, crucial for OEE Calculation.
  • Visualize and analyze your production line's performance indicators within the Manufacturing KPI Dashboard.
  • Implement actions to improve your equipment's efficiency, a key component of OEE Calculation.

⚙️ Utilize this tool to simply, quickly, and efficiently deploy TPM (Total Productivity Maintenance). It's compatible with Google Sheets and Excel, and a direct access link will be sent post-purchase.

🎯 Use this tool to deploy TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) in a simple, fast, and efficient manner. It's a resource used by leaders in the automotive industry, indispensable in today's competitive industrial context. Save time and resources and focus on improving your performance.

Customize at ease! This macro-free document is readily adaptable and modifiable to meet your unique needs.

Experience superior production tracking with our versatile spreadsheet tool, designed for effective Manufacturing KPI Dashboard management and OEE Calculation!


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Fonctionnalités clés :

  • TPM deployment
  • OEE tracking
  • Quality report
  • Availability tracking
  • Pareto of causes
  • Analysis and reporting

Délai d'intégration :

  • Immediate

Compatibilité :

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Customer Reviews

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ça m'a bien aidé

Logiciel de suivi de TRS super simple à prendre en main. Faites juste gaffe au format des dates pour que les graphiques s'affichent correctement, mais à part ça, top rien à dire !

Stefan Maier

Dieses OEE-Tool-Modell hat mir wirklich geholfen, die Leistung meiner Produktionslinie zu verfolgen.

I recommend

Great dashboards easy to understand

Damien B
Tout ce que je recherchais pour gérer le trs

Je suis très satisfait de mon achat (version Excel). Il est très facile de saisir les données de production de chaque jour et je peux visualiser et anlyser les résultats sans problème. Et avec un support vraiment au top, je ne peux que recommander

easy oee tracker

I purchased the excel version, it's easy to use, I just have to input the daily production campaign data, and it enables me to visualize and analyze the results without any complications. Highly recommended

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