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J10/ Complete Project Management Excel Model for Entrepreneurs and Project Managers

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Optimize the management of your projects, resources and finances with our complete project management excel template. Designed for entrepreneurs and project managers, this model facilitates planning, task tracking, resource management, and financial tracking, while encouraging collaboration within teams.


  • Project Information: Start by defining the basic information for your project, including start date, currency, Work Packages, team members, their roles and hourly rates.

  • Task List: Use the to-do list to strategically capture and plan your tasks with the help of the Gantt chart. Allocate resources and estimate hours needed with ease.

  • Progress Tracking: Update task progress, record approved hours and adjust billing status directly. The Gantt chart provides a visual overview, making planning much easier.

  • Financial Report: Obtain a real-time financial summary of your project, including key billing indicators, cash flow forecasts and revenue generated by resource, all customizable according to your needs.

  • Task Completion Analysis: The model provides a comprehensive overview of task completion, resource utilization forecasts, identification of critical tasks, and a summary of hours worked by each team member. team.

  • Invoice generation: Instantly generate invoices with a simple table update to easily send them to your customers.


  • Maximized Efficiency: Simplify the management of your projects for superior results with less effort.
  • Strengthened Collaboration: Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks to promote better collaboration between team members.

For who ?

Ideal for entrepreneurs, project managers and any team wanting to improve efficiency, this template is the essential tool for simplifying the complexity of project management.

Transform your project management with our comprehensive model and drive your projects to success with more efficiency and less stress.

To take project management a step further and get the most out of tracking tools, check out our detailed guide on optimizing project management with MS Project .

And for a personalized approach, discover our support services for the development of tailor-made project management software, by visiting our page dedicated to support services .

Available for Excel, direct access link is provided after purchase.

Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2016 and later.

Does not contain macros, works on several simultaneous workstations via Excel Online, it is easily adaptable and modifiable according to your specific needs.


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Key Features

  • Monitoring of project deliverables
  • Investment tracking
  • Budget management
  • Time and cost tracking
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Reporting and analysis

Integration Time

  • Immediate


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
outil efficace pour simplifier la suivi de projet

Permet de suivre efficacement le planning et la charge de travail de l'équipe via les tableau de bord. je recommande !

Project manager

This model provides a user friendly interface and allow efficient tracking of tasks and resources.

robust reporting

I highly recommend this model to any project manager looking to enhance team collaboration. thnaks


An essential tool for keeping track of all aspects of my projects. Highly recommended!

All I need to manage my project

This template is simply amazing!
Highly recommended!

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