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1 of 2 Visual inspection of quality in industry is a no-code artificial intelligence platform for visual quality inspection in industry. Here are the main features of

  • It is a complete end-to-end platform for navigating the entire AI lifecycle, from data labeling to model integration. 2
  • It uses edge computing to process data locally, reducing latency and improving efficiency.
  • It offers AI-assisted labeling to make the image annotation process faster and easier.
  • It enables plug-and-play integration and easy deployment through a user-friendly interface, with no technical expertise required.
  • It allows companies to quickly develop and customize their own AI solutions independently.

Key Features

  • Advanced defect detection using AI
  • Acceleration of the inspection process
  • Simplified integration and use
  • Computing capabilities at the edge
  • Custom application development


  • Technical support
  • Maintenance
  • IT infrastructure management


  • Manufacturer
  • Consumer goods
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Electronics and semiconductors
  • Science of life
  • Pharmaceutical industry and medical devices


  • Hybrid deployment
  • Remote technical support


  • Cost based on features
  • Cost based on production capacity

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