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J6/ Model — Free Excel Production Monitoring File: Example of OEE Calculation

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Discover this excel production monitoring file, specially developed to understand the OEE and start deploying this indicator in order to optimize and analyze in detail the performance of your production. Here's what our free example offers you:

File contents:

  • OK Parts : to be entered
  • Total Products: to be entered
  • Tcy (min): to be entered
  • Opening Time: to be entered
  • Scheduled Shutdown, Breakdowns, Organized Malfunctions, Series Change: to be entered
  • Operating Time and Loss of Performance: Evaluate the actual operating time and quickly identify micro stops or cadence deviations.
  • Net Time and Useful Time: evaluate the net production time and the time actually useful for manufacturing your products.
  • No Quality: Follow NC products

Calculation Results:

  • Quickly obtain key indicators such as Quality Rate (Q) , Performance Rate (P) , Operational Availability (A) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) .

n addition to these detailed features, our tool offers you a unique opportunity to understand the “ example OEE calculation ” by allowing you to analyze OEE trends over a given period. Easily visualize your data through graphs, ideal for quickly identifying performance and areas for improvement, while getting familiar with concrete OEE calculation.

If you are looking for an efficient and free way to have an exemplary and visually attractive OEE Excel calculation , our file is the solution you need. An essential for any professional looking to maximize the yield of their production! and understand the calculation of OEE.


For a deeper dive, explore our advanced Excel OEE Avanced Excel tracker. Essential for any professional looking to maximize production yield and gain a thorough understanding of TRS calculation.

For optimal monitoring, we provide step-by-step support in implementing a comprehensive solution to integrate data from your existing ERP, MES, SCADA systems, etc. This approach streamlines data entry for operators and enhances KPI analysis for managers, making it easier to evaluate improvement measures. To learn more about our support offerings, please visit our support services page and explore the features of our OEE software.

Key Features

  • TRS tracking

Integration Time

  • Immediate


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